There are few instances in life when sound advice is more essential than when legal issues present themselves, or one is facing the prospect of litigation. Counsel must be obtained from a reliable source -a law firm with experience, integrity and results, earning the respect of clients, colleagues and the community.

Where litigation is anticipated or already in the works, unless the matter is settled, a court will ultimately make many decisions that will have a significant impact for some time. For a litigant, there are many technical traps for the unwary, and there are also few fixed rules to rely upon. The process is often also emotionally charged, rendering a level-headed person vulnerable and prone to ill-fated actions.

Maxwell Barke & Zuckerman LLC attorneys collectively have decades of legal experience, and are committed to assisting a client with a view toward minimizing trauma and maximizing legal protection.

First, we dispassionately identify and prioritize the issues. Then, with the client’s input we formulate a sensible plan of action to address the situation, including litigation where that is expected or already ongoing.  The client is always fully informed as the matter moves forward. 

Whether representing a client in court, assisting in the negotiation of an agreement, or otherwise counseling a client, we are committed to bringing to bear in each and every case the totality of our experience, skill and judgment, acquired over decades of repeated dealings with similar matters. We understand that the circumstances and consequences to a client require no less.

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