Litigation skills and judgment acquired over years of experience can sometimes transcend knowledge of a particular substantive legal area.  Accordingly, at the request of a client, in an important matter, Maxwell Barke & Zuckerman LLC attorneys expend the effort to become acquainted with a necessary area of legal jurisprudence relevant to a particular dispute, so that our adversarial skills and judgment accumulated over the years may be applied to a client’s benefit, whatever the nature of the matter may be.  By way of example, Maxwell Barke & Zuckerman LLC attorneys have appeared in such diverse matters as a patent infringement suit in Ohio, and  an international arbitration in Switzerland, as well as more prosaic matters such as collections, personal injury, and business disputes in various venues.
Maxwell Barke & Zuckerman LLC attorneys have traveled to California, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida and other locations within the United States, as well as to Europe, to appear in connection with an eclectic array of court and arbitration proceedings. When the business or other activities of our clients require, it is rare that geography limits our willingness and ability to appear for and represent a client in a matter, wherever that may take us.  In the event licensing or bar membership becomes an issue, we affiliate with local counsel.

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